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Welcome to Kym Nicolas Designs!

We’re happy you stopped by and hope you’ll enjoy perusing our gallery! We are passionate about innovative and colorful designs, connecting with our community in a soulful way, and celebrating beauty in our lives and our surroundings.

“Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind… what we sow is what we reap.  And when we choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, the fruit of our karma is happiness and success.”  ~ Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success


What We Do…

We are passionate about creating “functional art” that feeds the soul. Beauty that you can wrap up in and cuddle with, everyday items that are intense with color, durable, soft and silky to the touch. We want to create items that make you feel good inside and enrich your lifestyle.  We want to inspire feelings of relaxation, comfort and empowerment; lift up the beauty and individuality of all women; and support an enthusiasm for Living out Loud.

All of our designs are Kym Nicolas originals.  From her one-of-a-kind paintings and pottery, Kym explores each original design and finds the new possibilities hidden within – the magic of creation and discovery!  We love that the designs have taken on new life and expanded into multiple creations that can be enjoyed by many.




About Kym + Lindsey…

We are Kym Nicolas Designs; Kym and Lindsey Nicolas, a dynamic mother-daughter duo, working together to create beautiful pieces that enrich your life, and to share Kym’s artistic talents with the world. Lindsey currently works out of her home studio in Astoria, Oregon. Kym works out of her home studio in Paris, Michigan. Yes, we work 3,000 miles apart but thanks to modern technology we are in our separate studios together almost everyday. When we first started on this adventure Lindsey lived on Maui, so now we are 2,000 miles closer than before.  When we are fortunate enough to physically be in the same space we can function as a force of nature.

Kym Nicolas – Owner, Artist + Lead Designer

Kym Nicolas is the “creative genius” behind KND and has been a professional artist for over half her life. Her work has been shown in galleries, magazines and numerous retail locations throughout the United States, as well as featured regularly on CBS’s Sunday Morning program. Kym’s work is strongly influenced by nature and spirituality. She has worked in an array of mediums and through experimentation and hard work, has become proficient in all of them.

What inspires you?

“I have pondered and been asked this question my entire life. I was built this way, to be a creator, to be inspired and translate what I see and how I feel through me. Inspire comes from the Latin word inspirare, from in- + spirare to breathe, or inspiritus, meaning from the spirit. Perhaps it is from my spirit. The easier question for me to answer would be what doesn’t inspire you. I am inspired by the mundane and the magnificent, the microcosm and the macrocosm, by emotion, by Love, by the profound beauty on this planet, by what I observe and experience from inside and outside of my heart. I can find it in the slow blink of an eye, seeing the world reflected in a drop of water, music, the motion of wings, the patterns of fields or city blocks from an airplane window, the glory of the night sky, the blinking light of a single firefly. Beauty abounds. There are patterns and rhythms that take hold of me in wonder and i simply breathe them in and breathe them back to Life. Another thing that inspires me is my relationship with my daughter, her intelligence, imagination, humor, determination, work ethic and sense of wonder. It is a rare gift to work with someone that understands the way my mind works, who lifts me up and fills my heart and soul. It was Lindsey who sparked the fire, who said it was time to expand “one of a kinds” into multiples so that more people could have the opportunity and joy of living with my designs. She picks up where i leave off and I pick up where she leaves off. We make a perfect circle, a perfect whole.”

A statement from Kym regarding her work:

“I am continuously evolving so it’s hard for me to write a statement describing what I do and why. A statement from me tomorrow would be different from what I’ve said yesterday. Today, I want to simply say: I make stuff. But I know the creative process is deeper and more complex than that. Ideas come. The creative process begins. Decisions are made. The idea is manifested. I don’t limit my ideas and don’t let my ideas limit me. I have worked in a variety of media: pottery, paint, wood, glass, stone, fiber or natural materials – whatever seems appropriate to physically express the ideas. I have specialized in functional art but I do not limit myself to creating something that is functional. My work expresses my philosophy, spirituality and individuality; it is my thought process made visible. Ideas come and, if they are persistent, will be explored. I want my work to appeal to your senses. I want a person to feel the uncontrollable urge to touch or feel – to hold it close to one’s self. I want you to take a second look, to drink it in and quench a visual thirst.”

Lindsey Nicolas – Owner, Designer + Operations Coordinator



In Kym’s words “Lindsey contributes her creativity, personal magnetism, organizational skills, computer wizardry, accounting, marketing talent and enthusiasm, as well as her skills developing products. She is the brains and the brawn of KND – a worker of wonders.”




Thank you for visiting and your interest in Kym Nicolas Designs!