stone patties, pavers, cobble stone, DIY project, landscaping

Stone Patties are a nice “DIY” landscaping alternative to laying brick pavers or stepping stones.  They are inexpensive to make, simple to do, and will enhance the beauty of your garden and property.

Kym developed this technique over a period of time through experimentation and her love of old cobble stoned streets found in Europe.  She has created garden paths, edging, staircases, and more via her original technique.  Kym has also developed an informative “how to” instructional DVD so you can learn to do it too!  Included on the DVD are step by step instructions for building your own “pattie project”, tips and tricks to aid in the construction, Kym’s secret recipe for optimal pattie consistency (whatever you do, don’t use the mixing guides on the mortar mix bag!), and a supplies list and handy pocket guide to get you going.

stone patties, pavers, cobble stone, DIY project, landscapingWe mentioned that Stone Patties are inexpensive to make – and we mean it!  One  of Kym’s garden staircase projects consisting of (9) stairs averaging 4/5′ wide x 2′ deep and a 5′ x 4′ landing used 25 bags of mortar mix and cost just $100 to make!


Stone Patties are made one at a time, no forms are required, and they are a great do-it-yourself project!  It’s easy to add embellishments too – glass, tiles, stains… the possibilities are endless.

Check out the photo gallery below for more photos of Kym’s own Stone Pattie Projects!